Website Build
With over 1.5 million items in stock, Thorns Group are the UK’s leading supplier of furniture and catering equipment to the event and exhibition industry.

We have been working with Thorns for the past four years to deliver a variety of digital marketing techniques, all with the aim of renting out and selling as much furniture as possible to events and exhibitions across the country. We have also designed and built their website which splits the business between events and exhibition furniture hire.


Through email marketing campaigns we are able to advertise stock levels for events and exhibitions, and our organic SEO strategy drives users onto their website to confirm product bookings. Our graphic design support ensures continuity across all emails, website design, posters and banners, building brand awareness within the events and exhibitions industry. To allow customers to differentiate between exhibition or events furniture, our technical, custom-coded website separates the two sides of the business, changing the content and search functionality to suit which side of the business is being displayed.


With events and exhibitions unable to take place throughout 2020 and partially 2021, we have been on hand to support Thorns Group as they grow back to pre-pandemic levels. Through our email marketing campaigns, we have driven over 1,000 users onto the Thorns Group website, which has led to an increase in sales. The easy-to-use website ensures customers are able to find the right products for them, provides them with a cost and allows furniture to be booked in a smooth, user-friendly process.

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