Social Media
As our Managing Director was previously a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police, it was a natural fit for Surrey Police to work with us to improve their social media presence.

Working with us during the height of Covid, we were tasked with creating a campaign to show the public how policing had changed during lockdown.


To achieve this goal, and to generate engagement and awareness across their social media channels, we developed a mini-five-episode ‘fly on the wall’ documentary called ‘Policing the Pandemic’. To get the footage we needed for this campaign, we spent time accompanying the Police Officers as they completed their daily tasks, from vulnerable person checks through to high-speed car chases.


We captured over 500GB of footage which was used to create the mini-series. Footage that wasn’t used was passed onto the Surrey Police for them to use at a later date. Reaching an audience of over 200,000 people, ‘Policing the Pandemic’ was a big success across their social media accounts, increasing engagement and starting conversations between Surrey Police and the local community.