Social Media
The NHS training team are responsible for sourcing industry influencers to teach and shape the courses for the next generation of doctors and nurses.

They enlisted our help to carry out a six-month social listening campaign to find people who specialise in the study of genomics and to identify trends and influencers within the field of genomics. Through our social listening campaign, they wanted to monitor, track and gain insight into their social media channels.


Using specialist software to run the campaign, we explored trends, keywords and accounts mentioning certain phrases and words used across various open-source channels. At the time, it was believed that Covid vaccinations would be developed from the study of genomics, which initially produced some anomalies within the data we captured. However this didn’t affect the final results of our six-month social listening campaign.


At the end of the six-month campaign, we were able to provide the NHS with valuable statistics, along with a detailed analysis of our findings. This included some previously undiscovered data that the NHS wouldn’t have found without our involvement, including top trends and keywords, the identification of brand ambassadors and assistance with organisational learning. Our findings from this campaign allowed the NHS to make informed decisions regarding the department’s direction and helped the NHS use their social media to its full potential.