Website Build
Halldale Group is the world’s only media company focused on techniques of modelling, simulation and training for aviation, defence and medical markets. Running three aviation training events per year, alongside three magazines, Halldale Group has been dominating the market for 40 years.

We were approached by Halldale Group to provide graphic design and technical support and to market their events; World Aviation Training Summit (WATS), Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) and European Airline Training Symposium (EATS).


We designed and managed an extensive email marketing campaign for EATS 2022, which will be replicated for WATS 2023 and APATS 2023, with a change in design to match the different branding between each of the events. With over 224 hours spent working with the Halldale Group, we ensure they’re able to work efficiently and help them dominate the market – all whilst making them look modern and ahead of the competition.


Our email marketing campaign consisted of over 40 emails to encourage ticket sales for EATS 2022, which was attended by over 900 delegates. This campaign included engaging email designs, with an animated header to attract attention. Throughout 2023 we will be designing, building and launching new websites for each event, bringing a modern and exciting look and feel to each website.