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Euro Pro Football is an under 18s football training academy. Unlike other football training academies, if you are unsuccessful with your football trial, Euro Pro Football will work with you to improve your skills so you can be more successful in your future football career.

As they were just starting out, Euro Pro Football came to us to establish their presence in the under 18s football training market. Beginning with the creation of their branding, we achieved this with a new website, organic social media campaign and organic SEO strategy.


Euro Pro Football asked us to create a brand that would stand out against competitors. This branding was then used to design and build a new complex website. To introduce the brand to the market and to raise brand awareness, we created and managed their organic social media presence, identifying Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as the most appropriate social media platforms to reach their target audience. Once their new website was live, we also developed an organic SEO strategy to encourage traffic to their website.


On average, per month we received over 10,000 impressions, 20+ clicks on the link to their website and 200+ engagements via our organic social media content. Their new website came complete with a student access portal where the coaches had the tools to create student reports, biographies and a chat section where they could discuss feedback with students and parents. This allowed Euro Pro Football to mentor under 18s across the UK without needing to see them in person to deliver feedback.