Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

What is it?

LinkedIn is the most popular professional online platform for career development and professional development, and allows job seekers to post CV’s and employers to post job updates. The platform boasts 830 million members which has made it a valuable platform for businesses to establish their company as industry thought leaders.

Creating your company page

Making a company page is important for telling job candidates and potential customers all about your brand, services, products and job opportunities. To create your company page you need to make a personal account and then you can create your company page free of charge. Simply select your business type, add company details then import your logo and cover photo and you are ready to go!

Creating a career page

It’s important to note that growing a business also means that there will be a growing number of employees aswell. When you are on the pursuit of finding employees that are a right fit for your company, the creation of career pages can allow you to find the top talents and tell your story to prospective workers. If you navigate to the ‘Life tab’ for example, you can add photos, posts, insights and videos to give job seekers an in-depth look at your company’s culture. If you want to target different audiences then you can also make multiple sections for different job roles.

Join and create LinkedIn groups

Now, it’s time to promote your business! An effective way to grow your LinkedIn account is to create a group so that you can engage and grow a community surrounding the business.

Firstly, you should navigate over to the create a group tab where you can add a title, description and a logo, from there you can go to the group settings tab and adjust your group’s rules accordingly.

The next step is to join already existing groups that fit your company interests, the golden rule here is to not post ads, instead you should be sharing valuable content with people who are genuinely interested in your industry.

Our Top Tips

Get followers

Always be on the pursuit for new users that are likely to engage with your content. Make sure to connect your LinkedIn page to your company website and to also add this info into email signatures for staff to promote the company on their personal accounts.

Publish and share content

To make a thriving LinkedIn page, you must know your audience and then cater the content to their benefits and needs. Lastly, don’t over-promote your company, instead, create content that is informative and helpful to gain a sense of trust and authenticity.

Set up a content calendar

It’s important to stay consistent with your posting. Creating a content calendar can be crucial for keeping track of your goals. Make sure to not get carried away however, only post content that is insightful, informative and impactful.

Diversify what you post

Make sure to change up your content so it doesn’t go stagnant. Plan a mixture of videos, visuals, articles and blog posts. It is also very effective if you cater your posts to the time of year I.e. Christmas, easter, and national days.

Use sponsored content

This style of posting does cost money, but it is a lot more effective than regular posting as you have the ability to target specific segments of your audience. With this paid method of social media posting you can filter the geographical regions, ages, industries and professions that your content travels to.