Top tips to refresh your brand after the pandemic 

The business world is constantly changing and moving forward. It’s extremely likely that things are very different from when you started your business compared to now. A lot has changed, especially after the last year, with one change being, the world has gone digital. Does this mean it’s time for a spring clean? 

As times change, so must companies and their branding in order to stay on top of current trends. With a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the pandemic, it is only natural more companies will look at having a brand refresh. Now, more than ever, is a good time to re think what’s working and what’s not for your business. Branding is everything. It’s your business’s identity, telling your customers who you are, what you are about etc, so it is something you need to get right first time. If you are contemplating a brand refresh, look no further. We have some tips to help you make a start and get the most out of your brand. 

What is a brand refresh? 

To understand what a brand refresh is and what it involves, it’s important to understand the difference between a rebrand and brand refresh. There is a fine line between the two and it can get quite confusing at times. 

Branding: Your business brand strategy and identity 

Rebranding: The process of changing your strategy and/or identity

Brand refresh: Making small changes and improvements to your strategy or identity.

A brand refresh can be small but noticeable tweaks that are made either over a specific time frame or all in one go. Think of it as giving your brand a makeover. Here are a few examples of what’s included in a brand refresh: 

  • Adding, removing or changing your tag line 
  • Tweaking your logo 
  • Adapting your colour palette 
  • Changing the font you use on your website 
  • Changing your brand voice 

When making these small changes it’s very important to remain consistent throughout your branding to maintain your identity. Refreshing your brand identity and image in line with current trends not only keeps your brand modern, but also shows you are growing and relevant in the industry and market niche. 

Our tips for a brand refresh

Ask yourself ‘why’

Before diving head first into a refresh, you need to make sure you understand why you’re doing it. Is it to improve your aesthetics? Or is it to change your brand voice to align with your message? Work out what is working for you now, what needs changing and if your current brand identity represents what you stand for. Make sure your objectives are clear and there is a true reason for a refresh. 

3 reasons to consider a refresh:

  • You’re growing 
  • You’re inconsistent 
  • You’re outdated

Invest in high quality content and visuals 

Investing in high quality content is very important and can help your brand become more current. These days, bad photography and videography can be spotted from a mile away and can make your brand look outdated. Stock photos and videos are very tempting when it comes to an image for a blog post or your social media content. Don’t worry we’ve all been there and sometimes they work, but having your own images will boost your socials and keep your site fresh and personal. 

Create a theme 

This is a subtle and effective way to refresh your brand. A good place to start is with Instagram. A good place to start with this is Instagram. All you need is roughly 6 to 9 photos to change the aesthetics of your grid. Find a filter or colour scheme that fits your brand and apply it to each photo you post. Make sure every photo is high quality and well-lit. Using a consistent look makes your page cohesive and gives it an instant face lift and therefore will boost your brand. 

Your brand voice 

A low cost, but effective way to update your brand and make it more relevant is through your brand voice. Is your voice distinctive? Does it match your brands personality and values? You need to consider the content, context and tone of your voice. You want to be remembered. 

Keep up with the trends 

The key to staying relevant is through refreshing your image. You should focus on updating the types of image or graphical style you use. Be sure to cater this to the audience you are trying to appeal to. This will keep your brand relatable. One medium that is extremely popular right now is video. Be sure to jump on the band wagon. 

Update your message

A brands message is one of the most important elements, it’s what communicates the companies values. You don’t necessarily need to change your message completely, but take a look at your tagline, values, communications and identify if any small changes need to be made to better represent your brand. 

Change your brand colours 

The smallest change can sometimes have the best effect on your market. Changing your brand colours is a good example of this. Keeping your logo the same but changing certain colours ensure you are still recognisable to your audience. A colour change can better represent your values for example the colour green can symbolise health or eco-friendly.

Contemplate new tactics

In digital marketing there are so many forms and routes you can take. If you are not currently using social media or tend to stick to one platform, try expanding to build your audience and reach. If you aren’t using video or email marketing, why not explore these options. What we’re trying to say is, try introducing new tactics but make sure they still relate to your marketing strategy. 

As you can see, it isn’t necessary to completely rebrand your business to make a new first impression on consumers. Sometimes small changes can have more of an impact on your brand. With a refresh, your customers can still identify and connect with your brand whilst having a new updated look. Don’t think it’s the easy way out, a brand refresh requires a lot of careful thinking. If executed properly it can add new life to your business by expanding your audience and increasing revenue and profits. 

Whether you are looking for a new voice, an updated social campaign or a few tweaks to your logo, our team of experts will help you create the perfect brand refresh. If you have any questions regarding a brand refresh or need any help with digital marketing in general, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email on, or give us a call at 01483912900.