Tips for optimising your landing page

What is a landing page? 

A landing page is an individual web page specifically designed for marketing purposes. They’re usually represented by a call to action (CTA), for example ‘buy now’. When a visitor clicks on this link on your email, google ads or social media, they will ‘land’ on the desired page. This is their one and only goal. 

Why are landing pages important? 

Landing pages are often the first form of contact your visitor has with your brand. Once they have clicked an ad or link, this will be the first thing they see. Without a landing page, many brands direct customers to the homepage. From here a visitor can then go to any page on your website. A homepage shows off your brand and lets visitors explore what you have to offer from products to services. However, visitors who land on your homepage won’t necessarily make a purchase or carry out what you intended them to do. Whereas, landing pages are more focused on a single thing and are therefore designed to turn visitors into customers. 

What is landing page optimisation? 

Landing page optimisation ensures that a landing page is continuously achieving its desired goals. Optimisation is essential for success. By improving landing page performance you will see significant improvements to your results. There are endless benefits of optimising landing pages. For example, it will help you achieve better conversion rates, increase customer numbers and maximise the value of your ad spend. 

Getting started

When you begin creating a landing page you need to make sure it’s going to do its job and reach your goals. To guarantee this, you must follow some simple steps. 

Set your goal 

What is your overall message? What is it you want shoppers to do? 

Know your audience 

How will your audience reach your landing page? Why are they on your website and what are they wanting from it? 

Be adaptable and compatible

What device are your visitors using? Are they using a laptop or a mobile? It’s essential that your landing page is accessible and engaging on every device. 

Tips for landing page optimisation

We have some tips you should apply to enhance performance and create high-converting landing pages. 

Relevant and targeted content 

Your campaign should be reflected through every landing page. The more relevant and specific your landing page is, the more likely the visitor is going to convert. 


Keeping your brand consistent across all your channels is essentials to the customers experience. If the landing page doesn’t have the same feel as the rest of your brand, the customer is unlikely to convert. This is a key part to a customer completing a purchase. 

Clear and concise 

Don’t overwhelm the visitor with too much information. This is particularly important for online experiences as shoppers can easily get distracted. To help focus your customers attention and drive them towards your CTA, keep your landing page copy simple and concise. 

Key message

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for your customer to convert as soon as they land on your page. If they’re ready to make a purchase, the purchasing journey needs to be smooth and easy to follow. Your core message and CTA should be the first thing they see when they open up your landing page, this is to ensure they don’t get distracted. 

Variety of media

Try out different forms of media on your landing pages. For example, a video explaining your message will increase the time the visitor remains on your page. The longer they stay on your page the more they’ll hear your message and understand your brand and therefore more likely to convert. 

Enable sharing

Sharing helps create a buzz about your brand. It is especially useful for your paid ads, competitions, or giveaways with a link to your landing page. These social sharing buttons can get your message out to an even wider audience. 

Landing pages are different for every business but there are the basic tips you need to be aware of. Look at data and insights so you can determine what works for you and your audience. This will then help you build high converting landing pages. If you need help with your content marketing or have any questions regarding your digital marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email on, or give us a call at 01483912900.