Social Media Listening & Data Capture

The NHS approached us to carry out a 6 month social listening campaign for 3 different areas. They wanted to monitor, track and gain insight into their social media channels. To do this we explored trends, keywords and accounts mentioning certain phrases and words used across various open source channels.

We were able to assist the NHS with valuable statistics and provide a detailed analysis of the 6 month campaign. This campaign provided undiscovered data never found by the NHS before, including the top trends, keywords and accounts, helping identify brand ambassadors and assist with organisational learning. This campaign was able to steer important decisions in the departments direction and aided the NHS in using their social media to the best of their ability.

Kathleen from Health Education England said:

“Ellis Digital were wonderful to work with, we had open lines of communication and discussed in detail what we wanted from the contract so there was no ambiguity. The team were professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with. The team sentregular reports on time and were always happy to have a call to discuss the findings and ensure all contract requirements were met.”