Our top five reasons
to invest in web design

In a world where everybody has got a website, you need to make sure that yours stands out. It takes users a matter of minutes to consume content, so why not make it intriguing and professional?

In this blog, we will be discussing the importance of web design and why you should be using it for your website.

  • Business is about first impressions

    When users find your business, they will form an instant judgement from the first few seconds of looking at your website. If you don’t have an easy to use or aesthetically pleasing website then they will view your business negatively and find your competitors site.

    There’s nothing worse than an outdated and unappealing website. If you don’t keep your website looking professional and attractive then your leads will not stay on your page.

  • Web design compliments your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy

    Many elements of web design influences your website content, which directly affects how search engines crawl and index your site. This is very useful because your SEO governs your visibility and authority on any given search engine. 

    In short, if your website isn’t SEO friendly then you may find yourself struggling to gain awareness, leads and even sales. The best way to ensure efficiency between your SEO and Web Design is to partner with an agency that can offer you a package of both so that there is no inconsistencies or confusion between the two.

  • Chances are that your competitors are doing it

    No matter what industry you are in, an eye-catching and informative website is what can encourage customers to buy your product or service over your competitors. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to be carrying out innovative changes to your website. Having an outdated or poor quality site in comparison to your competitors will also allow them to outrank you. 

    Search engines only want well written and up-to-date websites with good quality content. You may have many similarities with your competitors, however this is a chance to stand out from the crowd.

  •  Consistency is Key

    Website design is all about consistency which is crucial for getting audiences familiar with your brand. With a proper design strategy in place, the pages on your website will have the same structure in respect to sizing, fonts, styles and layouts so that your site can look more professional.

    Any site that doesn’t have cohesive designs across their pages makes it more difficult to build brand recognition and users will go to your competitors. You’ll obtain more conversions and leads as a result of a consistently designed website.

Good design is good business

  • Build Trust with your Audience

    You want to uphold integrity and reputability when it comes to interacting with prospective, existing and past customers. These elements will be questioned if you have a poorly designed website. If you create a pleasurable and inviting experience for users then you can gradually gain their trust which will improve the chances of them engaging with your brand or business.

    The combination of a sleek website design and engaging SEO worthy content is a mixture that is destined for success. Your leads will want to stay on your site for a longer amount of time and you’ll instantly see a decrease in bounce rate percentage.

    If you’re interested in developing the design of your website, contact our friendly team today.